Nagios Business Process AddOns

What is it for?

Two AddOns to Nagios, a very often used Open Source Network Monitoring Tool.

Nagios itself can monitor all the components (WebServer, ApplicationServers, DNS-Servers, Mail-Servers, ...) You are running on Your network. It produces nice views on a per component base, which are very useful for administrators.
If You need a view showing the state of a whole application (with all there components), install these AddOns. They are useful for the management, Your users or if You need SLA reports.
For a description a little bit more in detail, see What is it?

The AddOn Business Process View takes results of the single nagios checks and builds up aggregated states.
How they are associated is described in one or more config files.
There is the possibility to make "and" conjuctions, "or" conjunction and other...

A business process (as defined by such a formula) can be used as a part of another business process.
So You can build up a hirachical structure to describe the state of Your Application.

The AddOn Business Impact Analysis allows You to simulate Outages. You can set manually the state of each single component to each state You like and look, how this would impact Your applications.


This software is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2


The AddOns have been presented at the NagiosConference 2007 (Presentation)

An article about this software and it's practical use has been published in Linux Magazin 3/2008. The article is written in german.

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