Nagios Business Process AddOns - Download

Nagios Business Process AddOns and Language Packs

File Size Description
nagios-business-process-addon-0.9.6.tar.gz 91K Nagios Business Process AddOns
language_pack_es_0.9.6.tar.gz 3.1K Language Pack Spanish
language_pack_es_0.9.6_with_documentation.tar.gz 17K Language Pack Spanish including translated README and INSTALL files
language_pack_fr_0.9.3.tar.gz 2.8K Language Pack French Version 0.9.3 (incomplete for use with Nagios Business Process AddOns 0.9.6)

Development Snapshots are found in GIT

Business Process Icinga Cronk

If You have an Icinga release after 1.0.3, You do not need to download Business Process Icinga Cronk separately. You already got it with Your download of Icinga-Web. It's located in the contrib folder there.

If You have Icinga 1.0.3 or earlier, You can get the Business Process Icinga Cronk from GIT.

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